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Over the last few years, UAE has seen the introduction and the implementation of Excise on certain goods and VAT on businesses who generate revenues above certain registration thresholds.

In addition, Corporate Tax has been introduced and it became effective for financial years starting on or after 1 June 2023. As per the Corporate Tax Law, it is obligatory for Corporates and Individuals conducting business to ensure that they are compliant with the various Corporate Tax provisions including those that cover Accounting, Bookkeeping and Record keeping. 

Finance Works has an in-house professional team that offers a full suite of Accounting services to cater to the Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax needs of our clients. Due to the dynamic nature of the Tax laws, hiring the Finance Works Team will keep you compliant, up-to-date with the latest legal requirements while also being more cost effective and beneficial than hiring a single or multiple, in-house finance professional(s).


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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Finance Works team of professionals provide the full suite of accounting and bookkeeping services. These include 

  • Setting up, designing and advising on accounting systems to ensure compliance with local laws
  • Developing accounting policies & procedures to comply with local rules and regulations
  • Designing accounting documents
  • Streamlining/ strengthening internal control systems and processes
  • Maintaining accounting books, documents & records
  • Preparation of books of accounts/ accounting statements for audit, regulatory filing and banks
  • Monthly and quarterly financial management reporting
  • Payroll management
  • Budgeting and forecasting



Tax Consultancy

Finance Works provides tax advisory service to foreign companies in the UAE that include:

  • Double taxation avoidance advisory
  • Implementation of tax treaties between the UAE and other countries
  • Reviewing the periodical forms and statements

Tax Reclaim Services

Finance Works provides tax reclaim services to tourists and businessmen which includes:

  • Contacting tax authorities
  • Gathering information required for refund of taxes levied on goods and services purchased from outside the country
  • Clearing/ submitting documents and papers to tax authorities for processing tax refund


Finance Works offers the various Bookkeeping options to businesses in the UAE in order for them to be legally compliant with the various Tax laws and related Accounting and Bookkeeping requirements. Our professional services packages are designed to take care of all your accounting, bookkeeping and tax needs.

Our 'Why pay for the Software’ approach allows ALL of our customers complete access to all features of the robust VAT-enabled accounting software, a powerful tool at your fingertips. This allows our customers to access their latest financial statements from the comfort of their office or home at a click of a button.

The Bookkeeping options have been tailor-made keeping in mind the unique operating requirements of businesses in the UAE. All payments you make are towards accounting services and actual work and support provided to you and your business which which means, no money or time is wasted on managing the software or peripherals to get your job done. 

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Companies that need an experienced hand to strategically support their business can rely on our exceptional team to take care of their complete finance requirements. Call us and we can discuss over coffee how we can support you to make your business stronger.

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CFO for Start-ups

As a Start-up Entrepreneur or a Professional Freelancer, you will be dedicating a lot of your time and resources in building your business. You may have a core team of people who will be providing the services you offer to your clients and may be in the process of hiring a dedicated finance professional to look after your bookkeeping and accounting needs. 

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Finance ManageR 

SMEs who would like having highly trained and experienced finance professionals take care of books and accounts and make them Audit ready then this is your plan. The Finance Works Team will act as your in-house Finance Manager and take care of all your accounting needs including regular management reports, liaison with the Statutory Auditor etc. thereby eliminating the need to have a senior in-house finance professional to handle your Audit or preparing the VAT return.

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Sr. Accountant

Need someone to not only record all your transactions but alsoensure that your Bank accounts are reconciled and maintain your Fixed Assets register, then the Senior Accountant is your option. In addition, you will also receive monthly/quarterly management reports to ensure you can run and manage your business efficient and effectively. Year-end Profit and Loss along with the enhanced Finance Works support ensures you have complete peace of mind knowing your records are up-to-date.

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Every business needs a good accountant to not only keep track of the Sales, Purchases and operating expenses but also stay on top of the payments and receipts. So, leave the work in the safe hands of a good Accountant whilst focusing on your business and knowing that expert support is available to you for any curve balls customers may throw at you.

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Jr. Accountant

If you just need someone to help you record your Sales and Purchases and keep track of your operating expenses, then this is your plan. Along with this data recording, you receive accounting and expert support to ensure you maintain your books properly.

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