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CFO for Start-ups

As a Start-up Entrepreneur or a Professional Freelancer, you will be dedicating a lot of your time and resources in building your business. You may have a core team of people who will be providing the services you offer to your clients and may be in the process of hiring a dedicated finance professional to look after your bookkeeping and accounting needs. 

Finance Works is pleased to offer the “CFO for Start-ups” package, whereby you can outsource your bookkeeping and accounting work to our efficient and reliable team of professionals, thereby allowing you to focus on running and building your business. 

Services provided 

A dedicated team will manage and record your financial transactions and provide the following services: 

  • Maintaining monthly books and records (click here for complete details); 
  • Ensuring your VAT return is ready to be filed on time; 
  • Working with external Auditors to ensure timely completion of the Annual Audit; 
  • Ensuring AML/CFT compliance; 
  • Filing of annual Economic Substance reports; 
  • Any other finance related services. 

The financials will go through a high level of review and supervision that is expected from a team of professional tax consultants and bookkeepers.  

Digital and Confidentiality 

The service will be provided electronically with complete confidentiality to ensure a safe and secure environment for all parties. The contract has specific provisions on Finance Works to keep the information confidential.  

Benefits of this service 

This service offered at AED 1,999 per month will not only save you time and money (arising from the hiring and maintaining additional finance headcount), but will also ensure that you have access to a TEAM of highly specialised finance professionals.  

The team will provide this service keeping in mind the latest accounting, tax and legal requirements in the UAE so you will not need to worry about the on-going changes and advancements. 

Dedicated Account Manager 

As part of this Service, you will have a dedicated Account manager along with access to our senior finance professionals including Chartered Accountants (with more than 15 years’ experience), at no additional cost. 

Financials at your fingertips 

At the end of each month, you will receive the financials which you can VIEW on the Accounting package (free version) which will be installed on your machine. This will allow you to access your company financial information at anytime and anywhere  

Scalable service 

The service we provide is scalable and is designed for higher levels of activity when the need arises. As we will have a dedicated Account manager, as and when the need arises, we can provide the necessary support that your business may require while also ensuring continuity of service.  

We look forward to working with you hand in hand as you build and grow a successful business. 

This package is offered to:  

  • Start-ups which are 5 years old or less and Freelancers 
  • With a Headcount of 5 or less people 
  • And an annual revenue of up to AED 600,000

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